RFP Builder


Questions about RFP Builder? Check out the FAQ section below or email RFPSupport@simantel.com. If you’d like more information about product families, machine models, life cycle costs, warranty coverage or any other topic—please provide your contact information and your local Cat® dealer will get in touch with you.


How do I save my RFP?

There are two ways to save an RFP.

  • Click the SAVE button on the navigation bar at the top of the screen.
  • Click the NEXT button at the bottom of the screen. This will save your current work before taking you to the next screen.
Do I have to complete all the sections in RFP Builder to generate an RFP?

No. All sections are optional. If you don’t want to use a section, just uncheck the box next to that section title on the RFP OVERVIEW screen.

How do I see what the RFP will look like?

Each section within RFP Builder has a VIEW SAMPLE OUTPUT button. Click on it to see a sample image of what that section can look like in a generated RFP.

What do I do after I create an RFP?

When you have completed the RFP to your satisfaction, click the GENERATE RFP button and follow the directions on the screen. An RFP will be generated and emailed to you as a Microsoft Word document. Review the Word document carefully to make sure you are happy with the content and formatting.

Can I make changes to an RFP after it has been generated and emailed to me?

Yes. There are two ways to edit your RFP:

  • Return to RFP Builder and make changes to the work you’ve already done. Then click the GENERATE RFP button. A revised RFP will be emailed to you.
  • Use Microsoft Word to edit the RFP that has already been generated and emailed to you. Save the revised document on your computer.
What do I do if I didn't receive my RFP after generating it?

Check the spam folder in your email account.

How frequently can I build an RFP? Is there a limit to the number of RFPs I can save?

Build RFPs as often as you like! At this time there is no limit to the number of RFPs you can save. If this feature ever changes, you will be notified.

Can I add my own bid specs to an RFP?

Yes. If you prefer to use your own bid specs rather than the ones provided in RFP Builder, just copy and paste the language from your source into the RFP that was generated and emailed to you as a Microsoft Word document.

What if I can't find the bid spec I'm looking for or don't know what I need?

Fill out the form below. Your local Cat® dealer will contact you to help you create an RFP or provide bid spec recommendations based on your needs.

How do I change my account information?

Click the ACCOUNT button in the top navigation bar to make changes to your password and/or contact information.


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